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July 22, 2009


tracie stier-johnson

i'm here, i'm here! ;)

it is definitely a struggle to get a blog off the ground & running. and there have been many, many times i wonder why i'm really doing this, who really cares and is anybody reading?

it's a huge reason i decided to merge my blog into my personal/photography blog ... i've decided if no one reads it, it's at least a journal of our lives, my careers, my interests and for no one but me.

i'm so surprised when i check my stats and see there are over 400 readers a day ... say what?!? used to be my 5 friends that were avid readers.

i think it helps to link your blog posts to your facebook and twitter accounts {when you have new posts}, that seems to always draw more readers on a day. i don't do this always, but sometimes i do.

anyway ... i'm here and i'm reading ... :)


Thank You So very much for the feedback! 400 readers a day is amazing! Love that! I swear at times I feel like I am shouting out and noone is listening. What did you do to gain readership? Any hints? I have my posts linked to facebook..that is about it. Is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks Again for the positive feedback. It is so helpful!

tracie stier-johnson

hey kelli! i think the 3 biggest things you can do ... well 4 ... link posts to twitter & facebook, comment generously on other blogs {that gets people clicking to yours}, and post often.

the posting often thing with 4 kids {you & i both}, lots of times during weekend nap/rest, or after bedtimes, i go through those 'great topic posts' i have saved up and i'll write them and schedule them for the week. and if i get time during the week, i'll write another one or two for the following week. then i'm not stressed each day trying to write posts.

but i would definitely strive for 3-4 posts a day for better readership. then ppl know there's something fresh when they check back.

hope this is helpful!!

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